Planting Succulent Cuttings

Planting Succulents DIY Inspired

I have by NO means a green thumb. I have (for whatever reason) always been intimidated by plants and gardening. House plants always seem to die in my care. No matter how hard I try. I DO however, have some luck with succulents, probably because they are almost impossible to kill. I also have good luck with planting succulent cuttings. I didn’t even know it was a thing until I tried it and it worked.

I’ve replanted succulent stems several times and they all seem to flourish. SO (this is where my disclaimer comes in), in effort of full disclosure, I haven’t read or researched anything on this topic, rather, I have winged it several times with great success. Because of this I thought I’d share how I can magically plant succulent cuttings and grow mini succulent gardens indoors.

This all started when I bought two mini succulent gardens from the grocery store a few years ago. They kind of looked like this, but the pot was tall and deep, not short and shallow. Pretty, right? Well, overtime, since the vessel was so deep and tall, these two little gardens grew up, about 10X the size! From this, I learned, the larger the vessel, the larger the plant (duh… why didn’t I know that already?). I wish I had a photo, but I had to leave them at our old home when we moved because they were so big.

From those two plants, I bought some thrift store containers and planted these. Which grew into this…

Replanting Succulents

I also planted these for some party centerpieces that the guests could take home. They were a hit. I also upcycled a plastic container and planted these from the cuttings and it grew into this…

Planting Overgrown Succulent Cuttings

All these from those two pots from the grocery store. Since I left those behind, I decided to cut the 2nd generation plants (coining this term now) combined with left over succulents left behind from my new house into new succulent gardens. I carefully snipped each piece, and replanted them.

Replanting Succulent Cuttings

The one consistent thing I have done with all of these, is I used moisture control potting soil.

Planting Succulents in a Glass Bowl

Planting Succulents Indoors

I arranged them, watered them, and they will live on my kitchen sink window sill and as centerpieces on my dining room table. Now to monitor them and hope they flourish like the rest!

Planting Succulent Cuttings DIY Inspired

Planting Succulent Cuttings

Planting Succulents

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  1. I LOVE succulents – I don’t have green fingers at all and regularly kill my plants by over watering them (giving too much love maybe?). I bought lots of tiny succulents for a craft workshop recently and I have some left so I’m hoping to cultivate lots of succulents for my windows! Great tip about the soil – your plant arrangements look lovely
    Hannah x

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