How to Melt Crayons with a Torch


How to Melt Crayons with a Torch to Make New Fun Shapes

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Since the kids and I are staying at home all day, we are getting more and more creative. Our love for crafting as well as our desire to try new things has led us to this fun way to upcycle some old crayons. Every year, the school supply buying list requires a new box of crayons. That means, last years crayons get stuffed in a drawer. This fun craft project helps give those old forgotten crayons new life.

DIY Animal Paw Crayons

Sure, you can always melt crayons in an oven, however using a Bernzomatic ST2200T torch is WAY more fun. Plus, you can make smaller shapes, which would otherwise be too difficult to melt in an oven. With adult supervision, this is also a great craft for older kids.

Watch the How to Melt Crayons with a Torch Video

Watch us in action as the three of us, make all different types of shapes from doughnuts to dinosaurs. Also, if you like the little Krayon Kreme doughnut box in the video, after you watch, keep scrolling to get your free printable download.

Here’s What You Need

Time: 30-60 Minutes



Remove all paper from the crayons.

Melting Crayons Craft for Kids

Place the silicone mold on top of a metal cookie sheet to protect your work surface. Fill your Bernzomatic ST2200T with Bernzomatic Butane. Here is an Amazon Affiliate link for the BPA free silicone molds I used in this tutorial.

Bernzomatic Torch with Butane Crafts

Grab the end of a crayon with a pair of tongs in one hand and ignite the torch in the other hand. Hold the tip of the crayon about 2-3 inches directly above the mold and allow the crayon to drip into the mold until it is full.

Melting Crayons with a Torch

Allow the crayons to dry completely, about 10-15 minutes (depending on the size of the mold).  Once the crayon is dry, remove it from the mold. They will easily pop out.

Recycled Crayons Craft Project

We made little dinosaurs, animal paw prints, and doughnuts!

DIY Crayons with Silicone Mold

Get Your FREE Printable Doughnut Box Template

The first thing my daughter Mia said after she made the doughnut crayons was, “I need a doughnut box for these!” Per her request, I made this adorable little Krayon Kreme box for you to print, cut, and fold.

DIY Doughnut Crayons

Simply cut along the outer edge, fold along the lines, and use tape or glue to hold it together.

Get it Here: FREE Printable Doughnut Box Template

You can use these as party favors or class gifts, or even as a cute gift for teachers and friends at the end of the school year. My girls thought these new shapes were more fun to use than regular crayons. I hope you try it!

DIY Doughnut Crayons with Free Printable Box

Need More Creative Torch Projects?

Before you go check out my post, Clever Ways to Use a Torch Including 14 Unique Projects, and watch the YouTube video below!

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