How to Make Cardboard Emoji Faces

DIY Emoji Party Decorations

The other day I shared the Emoji party favors I made for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. Today, I want to share how to make cardboard emoji faces. I love decorating for parties, but it’s important that I do it as cheaply as possible. So, with some cardboard boxes I found in our garage ready for the trash, and a little creativity, I made these large emoji faces for very little money.


First cut open your cardboard box to lay flat. The easiest thing to do is to paint the entire inside with a foam brush and yellow paint. I did two coats.

Emojis out of cardboard (1)

Use a round object to trace the perfect circle. Try to use as much of the cardboard as possible. Depending on what you are using it for, a large serving bowl works great. This size is ideal for party decorations or a Halloween mask.

Emojis out of cardboard (2)

Use multimedia scissors to cut out the heads.  I Googled the faces and kept them in front of me as I drew. I drew everything in pencil first.  It is easy to erase if you make a mistake and the paint will not rub off.

Laughing Emoji DIY

Use a Sharpie to outline the drawings. You can also use the Sharpie to color in small or narrow parts. Use black paint to paint in the larger features.

Winking Emoji DIY

I used circle punches to make some of the eyes. I also used colored paper to cut out heart eyes, and blue tears for the laughing emoji.

Emojis - Recycled Craft

You can use these for party decorations, photo booth props, or even Halloween masks (just add an elastic strap to the back).

DIY Emojis

How to Make Emojis out of Cardboard

Emoji Photo Booth Props DIY

DIY Emoji Halloween Costume

DIY Emoji Birthday Party Decorations

Hope you try these out. Check out the emoji party favors with printable I made. I will post the party soon!

How to Make Cardboard Emoji Faces - DIY Inspired

Read about our Emoji Pool Party or watch the YouTube video!

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  1. hi, your party looked amazing. we are throwing a party for our school with the same theme. where did you get your emojis for the comments to put with your faces? i’d appreciate your help.

    thanks in advance

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