Emoji Party Favors with FREE Printable

Emoji Party Favors with Prinable Tags

For my daughter’s 6th birthday this year, she asked for an Emoji themed party. Completely surprised, I thought, “why not” and started planning. I’m not sure why I was so surprised because I think every kid at her school had a stuffed yellow emoji hanging off of their backpacks this year.  I have to say, this party theme is so fun! We are having a pool party and it seems to be the perfect upbeat and happy summer theme. Today, I want to share the emoji party favors I made including a free printable for you to print and use.


I searched Amazon and found these Emoji Pez dispensers and mini keychains (affiliate links).

Emoji Pez Dispensers Party Favors

Emoji Key Chain Party Favors

I designed and printed these thank you tags. Don’t worry, the tags you print don’t say “Mia” on them…ha!! I made them look like the iPhone text bubble, emojis included in the message, of course.

Emoji Party Favors Printable

A paper cutter made it much easier to cut out the tags. I reinforced them with some colored card stock and glue.

Emoji Birthday Party Favor Tags Printable

I punched a hole in the corner and simply attached the keychain through the tag as well as the existing hole in the Pez dispenser bag.

Emoji Party Favors with Pez and Key Chain - DIY Inspired

I placed them in beach pails to display them at the pool party. I think the kids are going to love them.

Emoji Party Favors

Emoji Swimming Birthday Party Favors

Emoji Birthday Party Favors Idea

Emoji Party Favors - DIY Inspired

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Emoji Party Favors with FREE Printable - DIY Inspired

Read about our Emoji Pool Party or watch the YouTube video!

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  1. Hi

    Love your idea on the emoji party goods. Also, love the Thank you tags! My daughter is also named Mia and is having an emoji party. Any chance you still have your tags (with name “Mia”). I would love to download them. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Hi Dinah – Love the party favor idea for the emoji goodies. Love the tags but for some reason the link does not work.
    My niece Leah has requested an emoji bday party and these would be perfect. Can you send me the link via e-mail?
    My e-mail is eleanor.chin@hilbgroup.com


  3. Hi,
    Love the ideas! How can i change “my party” to “our party”? we are celebrating my twins 9th birthday 🙂

  4. Love these! I’m also having a party for my twins if you could plz send me saying our party i’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  5. Hi Dinah,
    Thank you so much for sharing your AWESOME ideas for the party. These are very creative. Your Amazon links to purchase the key chains and Pez,as well as putting pdf for the labels has made pulling materials together so much easier.

    Thank you!

  6. i love your creativity. my daughters birthda today but were not celebrating it till this saturday. I was wondering if you happen to have the labels and signage so i can print them too? thank you

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