Unique Twists on Traditional Valentine Gifts

Be an Original Valentine: 4 Unique Twists on Traditional Gifts, By Guest Author Deb Russel

When the Huffington Post asked readers to share the worst Valentine’s Day gifts they’d ever received, there was almost no end to the list of atrocities, including a book bearing the title “Love Isn’t Easy” and a garden gnome clutching a soccer ball. Avoid your gift from ending up on a similar list this year by taking special care to come up with a creative twist on the traditional gifts.

It doesn’t have to involve a dance troupe or a fireworks display—although if you have access to either or both, don’t count them out! Simply think of the things that your partner enjoys and use those as inspiration to find the perfect gift to make her feel special.

Exotic Chocolates

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Unless your Valentine has some aversion to the delightful confection that’s known to have aphrodisiac effects, a box of chocolates is a safe bet for a Valentine’s Day gift. Remember, though, that you’re not aiming for safe, you want original and unusual. The great news is that there are more varieties of chocolate to choose from than ever before. Give your Valentine hand-dipped chocolate-covered potato chips, caramelized cocoa hazelnuts, Himalayan sea salt truffles or a chocolate-dipped persimmon. When you go the extra mile to find a special version of the mouth-watering traditional holiday treat, your effort will be appreciated.

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

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Tap into your creativity by using an activity to stretch out the anticipation for Valentine’s Day this year. Choose a Valentine’s Day gift from FTD and have it delivered to her office, containing the first hint to your treasure hunt. From there, leave additional hints in places that are special to your relationship, such as the place where you had your first date, your favorite restaurant, or in your very own home. Each hint should be a tip to lead her to the next hint, so spend time coming up with creative riddles to really get her thinking. At restaurants or small stores, you might even be able to enlist an employee to assist in your exciting activity.

Take Your Sentiments to the Social Networks

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You might not be one for store-bought gifts, and that’s perfectly fine. But even though you compose clever, even poetic romantic prose for the object of your affection each year, take special care with your presentation this year. Take your poetry and heartfelt sentiments to the social scene to let everyone know how much you care. And if you haven’t made it Facebook-official yet, now’s the perfect time! Make a statement by letting your Facebook friends know that you are officially in a relationship. It’s a bold move, and one that will send the message that you are committed to someone special.

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