Braided Duck Tape Bracelet Tutorial

Clever Ideas for Crafting with Duct Tape Plus Braided Duck Tape Bracelet Tutorial

OK, so when I said yesterday on my Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show 2014 post that I would post a tutorial on how to make my Braided Duck Tape Bracelet I made at the show “soon”, by “soon” I meant today. Ha!

Being invited and attending the Duck Brand breakfast last Sunday at the show was an honor. I was able to see all the new products and partnerships that the Duck Brand offered. They announced a partnership with Fiskars and a new set of scissors especially made for Duck Tape (I’m SUPER excited about trying those out). They had some fun and clever new patterns like the one’s shown in the background of this Instagram photo I posted.  


To make the braided Duck Tape bracelet, all you need are three things, Duck Tape, a ruler, and scissors. First, pick three colors or patterns you would like.


Cut three pieces of your choice at about 12 inches long.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (1)

Fold each piece lengthwise in thirds.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (2)

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (3)

Secure the ends together with a piece of tape as shown.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (4)

Weave your three pieces in a traditional braid.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (5)

Secure each end with tape.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (6)

Tape the two ends together.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (7)

That’s it! Super easy!

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (8)

A few of the others were also making these flat wrist bands with three colors/patterns  as well.

duck-tape-bracelet (2)

I also received this fun bracelet as a gift from Duck Brand! Don’t ask me how to make it though! Ha!

duck-tape-bracelet (1)

If you haven’t read my post about the CHA 2014 show, check it out there are some funny pictures of yours truly on it! Also, you can see more photos on my Instagram if you want too!

Walking through craft stores all the time, I noticed there were so many different patterns and colors of duct tape. Intrigued, I thought I’d do some research on crafting with duct tape.  Surprisingly I found so many cool projects!

Clever Ideas for Crafting with Duct Tape

Use it to Embellish Gift Wrap

It doesn’t get much simpler than this.  Use duct tape to embellish your graft wrap. Plus, it’ll be funny to watch the recipient struggle with opening it… tee hee.

Make a Duct Tape Flower to Decorate Household Accents

I did notice several duct tape flower tutorials, however the blue in this particular one caught my eye.  What a sweet touch to embellish a simple wooden tissue holder.

Make Pretty Valentine Roses

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a duct tape bouquet that will last a lifetime.

Make your Own Duct Tape Jewelry

There are so many great duct tape rings! Who knew?  Heck out these from Living Locurto.

Here’s a great YouTube link for how to make a duct flower tape ring.

Cover a Bag with It

Check out this duct tape purse from Martha Stewart.  Yup! Martha uses duct tape!

Here are some other cute purse ideas from Second Chances.

Make a Lamp Look Cooler

Last but definitely NOT least…rather this one takes the cake.  This lamp is made out of duct tape and plastic 2 liter bottles!!! What????


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