Pass the Bounty with Dawn

This article, Pass the Bounty, is sponsored by Bounty. All opinions are 100% my own.

Cleaning with Bounty Outdoors (1)

Love this throw back video, celebrating the 50 year anniversary! For the past half a century, Bounty has rolled with the decades. By continually listening to consumers’ needs and consistently innovating to improve strength and absorbency, Bounty brings consumers the best possible paper towel.  Not only do I use it in the kitchen, I use Bounty in the bathroom, on the floor, and my outdoor dining area too… and I have been for YEARS. Ever since I can remember Bounty has been my go to paper towel when cleaning up every day messes!

Watch the video to see what I mean:

This video reminded of when I was little in the 70’s and 80’s. The photo below is of my family and me circa 1982. You see that white credenza next to us? Every single holiday, my mother used to make all kinds of food. She would mix traditional Filipino dishes and appetizers with American food.  The desserts were the best, all of them themed for the holiday. I remember helping her in the kitchen. Anytime I’d make a mess, she would say, “Pass the Bounty” or “Grab the Bounty”. These phrases were typically preceded with “Aye!” a tilted head, and “the look”. She didn’t call them paper towels, she always said “Bounty”. You know, kind of like when she would call all diapers, “Pampers”.

Pass the Bounty (5)

Now that I am a Mother, I feel like I’ve turned into mine. My life is full of “pass-the-Bountys” with my little one. Whether it’s finger painting in daddy’s old shirt…

Pass the Bounty with Dawn (3)

Special crazy-haired birthday breakfasts…

Pass the Bounty (3)

Baking cakes with grandma…

Pass the Bounty with Dawn (2)

Cooking with Tito (uncle)…

Pass the Bounty

Eating with Lolo (Grandfather)…

Pass the Bounty with Dawn (1)

Or sneaky mishaps I find after the fact…

Pass the Bounty (2)

The “pass-the-Bountys” at my house are nonstop. In 1965, Bounty brought the quicker picker upper into American homes and changed the way we soak up spills. Today, in 2015, Bounty is once again revolutionizing the way we clean with its newest product innovation, Bounty with Dawn.

Kitchen Cleaning Shortcuts (2)

I LOVE this product and I think I may use it EVERYDAY since I found out about it. You can read some of my kitchen cleaning shortcuts tips using Bounty with Dawn. I actually use is for so much more than MY kitchen. It works well for my daughters play kitchen and on my metal patio furniture outside as well! I even have used it to clean her spills on the floor and stairs. I imagine she may continue the “pass the Bounty” phrase when she’s older. I have to admit, I can’t wait to find out.

Cleaning with Bounty Outdoors

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  1. Dinah

    You are my hero for today. I have been getting behind behind in cleaning and overwhelmed especially as the year wraps up,and OMG those bounty with Dawb are Amazing!!! Wet, clean , toss. My daughter loves your day, as she is a fellow love of diy. Thx again 🙂

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