Recycled Book Folding Art Piece

Recycled Book Folding Art Piece, Written by Loren Crane


If you don’t know what to do with other old books you have in the corner then maybe you should try your hand at book folding. I try to keep the pattern simple and fast because it gets a little difficult trying to explain more complicated patterns. The pattern consists of triangles. The folds look almost the same but they are not. One is slightly bigger than the other and that is why they make an interesting design when they are repeated.

On the first fold you will fold both ends of the page toward the center, they will make a point and be the same size. You will do this for the next eight pages.


Then you will fold the bottom corner toward the center of the page to make a perfect 90 degree triangle.


Now you will fold the other end toward the center of the page and fold over the other page. This will make a smaller triangle. You will again do this for the next eight pages and repeated previous step until finish will all the pages in the book. You can try different design just by changing the sequence of the folds.


The book I used is a paperback which I ripped the cover. The book has over 326 pages. When doing a 360 degree fold I try to keep under 400 pages. If for some reason the book does not make the full 360 you can glue the spine together to make the book have 360 degree view. Just remember the more pages the book has the longer you will be folding. I usually try do 100 pages at time because I can’t seem to sit still long enough.


So if you have an old book or thinking about throwing away a book recycle it and give it new life as a book of art.

Stay crafty,


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