DIY Upcycled Bookshelf Curtains

DIY Upcycled Book Shelf Curtains, Written by Loren Crane


When you have limited space in an apartment sometimes your bookshelves turn into a dumping place or at times it’s not really where you keep your books but other things. As you can imagine can be a nightmare when you are about to have company come over and everything seems like a mess. Especially if your bookshelf are located in your living area like mine are at the moment.

Here are all thing things that are currently on my bookshelf.


When looking at my bookshelf day after day and I got irritated but I had nowhere else to put my supplies. Until one night a light bulb came on! I’d rather keep what I have and upcycle it, instead of buying something new.

Why don’t I just do little curtains?! I use them on my windows to keep from people looking into my apartment and I could do the same with my bookshelf.

I measured the shelves and added extra 2 inches width and 3 extra inches on the length. It was and easy sewing job since they are just squares. I used red thread to make it pop a little and match my curtains.


As you can see my kiddo had mess on the bottom bookshelf. The last two shelves is used to store his toys. I used a dowel and half a wine cork on each side to hold up the curtains in place. I really did not want to make holes on my bookshelves or glue anything on it just in case in the future I actually wanted to use it as bookshelf. The fabric is light enough that it does not weight it down the dowels.


Super easy to cover up my messy bookshelf and you can change it anytime with your ever evolving style.

Stay crafty,

Pandora’s Craft Box

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