Recycled Tin Cans Become Flower Pots

Recycled Tin Cans Become Flower Pots

Recycled Tin Cans Become Flower Pots

Empty tin cans make perfect flower containers!  I wanted to add some flower pots to the wall around my herbs.  I just took some empty tin cans and removed both ends of the cans.

Recycled Tin Cans Upcycle

Then after smashing one end of the can up, I sprayed them.

Recycled Tin Cans Repurpose

Because the smashed end of the can is actually open, this allows the water to flow through the soil which will prevent root rot.  All that needed to be done was to drill a hole in the top of the cans and attach to the wall.

Recycled Tin Cans Become Hanging Flower Pots

After I planted the flowers, I realized when I watered the flowers the water flowed too quickly over the top of the can.  To remedy this, I inserted the name tags from the flowers into the front lip of the pot – problem solved!

Recycled Tin Cans Become Flower Containers

Incidentally, this pretty little flower is Scaebola, Bondi White and will flower all summer.  It likes the heat, full sun and doesn’t wilt as it is drought tolerant.  It is very low maintenance and will grow 6” to 12”. Soil can dry out some between watering’s.  Plants will grow to the size of the pot they are in.  So, if I leave these flowers in these cans, they should reach 6”.  If I repot them, into larger pots, they will grow to their optimum height of 12”.

As I collect more cans, hopefully in larger sizes, I’ll keep adding them to the wall!  What a great way to recycle tin cans!

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Recycled Tin Cans Become Flower Pots DIY Inspired

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  1. I take it you just allow the water to run out. Must be you water pretty much every day? Is there another way to make this work without taking off both ends?

    I just found your blog a few weeks ago and now follow your blog. You have lots of inexpensive crafts.

    Keep up the good work.

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