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Well, we FINALLY decided on a name for our little one arriving very soon. With Mia, we had such a hard time picking a name. We couldn’t agree on anything. We ended up going into separate rooms for thirty minutes with paper and pen. We wrote down all the names and the only one that was the same was Mia, so we stuck with it. This time, it was just as difficult, but came a little sooner. We are naming our little girl, Nala Jun, hence this DIY nursery art I made for her room.

Jun is my father’s nickname. Nala didn’t really come from anything. It just had a nice ring to it that we both liked. Then, I realized that Nala is Simba’s love interest in the lion King. Whoops! Good thing I like that movie! We are still sticking to it. Anyway, to make this super easy name plaque you only need a few things.

Time: 20 minutes (not including dry time)


I found the letters and frame at Michael’s Craft Stores. They have a huge selection so it was hard to choose. I was in there for what seemed like forever.

DIY Nursery Art

I painted the frame white. The letters came in black so I didn’t have to paint those.

Nursery Art

Once the paint was dry, I glued the letters onto the plaque. I also attached a green ribbon to the back. This part was tricky, because the letter and plaque I chose were a little heavy. Glue would not hold. So, I attached the ribbon with a staple gun very carefully. Since the wood was thin, I bent the staples over and painted over them in white. Depending on the size and weight of your wall art, hot glue may suffice.

DIY Nursery Art Idea

That’s it! If you haven’t seen the rest of Nala’s nursery please check it out!

Easy DIY Nursery Art

DIY Nursery Art Decor - DIY Inspired

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