DIY Felt Tassel Keychains

Felt Tassel Key Chains

I love felt crafts. It’s easy to work with and you can do so many things with it. Today I want to share a super easy felt craft, these DIY felt tassel keychains. They would make cute handmade gifts for teachers, friends, or for Mother’s day and Father’s Day. You can make them in any color combination or ever try it with different materials like fabric or leather. You can also use this tutorial to make ornaments as well. Here is what you need:

Time: 15-20 Minutes


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I have a bag of these keychains. My brother gave them to me after he moved when he cleared out his craft closet. Score! You can also get a great deal for them on Amazon.

DIY Key Rings

Making Your Felt Tassel Keychains

First, I measured and cut two pieces of felt that are 3”X4”. With a great pair of scissors, you can cut both pieces at the same time.

Felt Tassels Tutorial

Take one color and cut a strip off for the strap to attach the tassel to the key chain. Loop the strap through and glue it together.

How to make Felt Tassels

Fringe the two rectangles of felt as shown. Be sure not to make the strips too thin or the felt will break off easily.

Felt Tassel How To

Place the shorter piece on top of the longer piece. Glue the strap on top of the inside layer.

Layered Felt Tassels

Begin rolling and gluing the felt, creating the tassel. Be sure to roll it as tightly as possible. You can make so many different color combinations of these easy felt keychains. Try three different colors in different lengths, placing the longest in the center.

DIY Felt Tassel Key Chains

DIY Felt Tassel Keychains

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