18 Clever and Resourceful Gardening Hacks

Clever and Resourceful Gardening Hacks

Gardening can be very fun, therapeutic and obviously, very beautiful. By using things that you already have around the house or using things you have in a different way, you can save money, time and in a lot of cases, reuse/reduce/recycle things that would normally just be thrown away. Here are 18 clever and resourceful gardening hacks.

Have an old piece of a gate lying around? Spray paint it and use it as an Upcycled Garden Gate to hang all your plants.

Use old food containers (yogurt, sour cream, etc.) and create a beautiful Repurposed Yogurt Container, perfect for succulents and other small plants.

There’s been a lot of talk about how many K-Cups are being used & then thrown away. Use them as Seed Starters instead of throwing them away!

I see pallets for free on Craigslist all the time. How about taking those pallets and creating a Vertical Pallet Garden? Perfect for a small space!

Wooden Spoons can be painted with your favorite colors & turned into fun, colorful Plant Markers.

Have an old bird bath that you’re not using? Turn it into a Succulent or Fairy Garden.

Clever and Resourceful Gardening Hacks DIY Inspired

Don’t throw away your old milk jugs! Clean them, poke holes in the lid & use them to water your garden. Perfect for kid’s little hand to hold.

Have your kids paint big stones and use them as garden stones or plant markers.

Have an old mailbox lying around? Add a coat of spray paint and turn into a Mailbox Planter.

If you’re not that great about remembering to water your plants & garden (I’m guilty of that!) how about creating a Self Watering Garden?

Use your eggshells to plant seeds and draw faces on the front of them. Your kids will love it!

And speaking of eggs, keep those eggs cartons and use them to start your seedlings.

Make your own homemade organic fertilizer with whey!

And whey isn’t the only natural homemade fertilizer you can use either!

You can also create your own DIY Seed Bombs, which I can’t wait to try!

Don’t throw away the ends of lettuce, scallions or celery! You can regrow them and make even more fresh produce!

If you think you don’t have the space for a vegetable garden, you can create a stone spiral and plant all of your favorite vegetables in it.

You can also use a trellis to grow your own cucumbers.

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