Repurposed Jewelry Organization Ideas

Cheap and Easy Repurposed Jewelry Organization Ideas

For some reason if my jewelry is displayed, I wear it more… probably because it’s right there for me to see and choose from, as opposed to a hanger in between my clothes that I forget about. I realized today that I had created several organization and storage options for my jewelry in my walk-in closet so I thought I’d share it today. Hope you find these repurposed jewelry organization ideas inspirational and useful!

Repurposed Jewelry Organizing Ideas

Let’s start with something new; one that I have never posted before. I got this cute cork board for Christmas this year as a white elephant gift. I stared at it for days, because I didn’t really need it in the kitchen. Here’s what I ended up doing with it. The earrings hung nicely, and I used little nails to hang the bracelet and rings.

Repurposed Cork Board Jewelry Organizer

I found this cute metal chest of drawers at Hobby Lobby. I made little labels and use it for jewelry, hair accessories, and makeup.

Repurposed Jewelry Holder

Repurposed Jewelry Storage Ideas

This is a little antique shopping vintage find I HAD to have. I use it for rings that I wear all the time. This one is also great for cotton swabs in the bathroom.

Repurposed Jewelry Organizing with Vintage Finds

Thrift Store Transformations for your Jewelry

To match this little ring holder, I made this repurposed pedestal bowl out of some thrift store finds by gluing a candlestick and ramekin together with E6000.

DIY Thirift Store Jewelry Holder

I also made this DIY pedestal tray from thrift store finds, a plate and a candlestick. 

Thrift Store Jewelry Holder DIY

This was an old cabinet door that I repurposed into a jewelry display with some knobs and drawer pulls. I found it at Habitat for Humanity for next to nothing. Simply paint and drill holes in it. Insert the hardware of your choice.


Jewelry Organization for Travel

Lastly, since my husband and I travel often, I keep prescription bottle handy to put my jewelry in while we travel. Here are some more repurposed prescription bottle ideas. These bottles are nice because they stay closed, and are small enough to fit in a makeup bag; the perfect size for rings and earrings.

Upcycled Prescription Bottles for Jewelry while Traveling
Watch this Organization Video Before you go

This old dresser was given to me for free. I used it to organize craft supplies, but it’s also a great piece for your closet to organize jewelry due to the narrow velvet lined drawers.

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Upcycled Jewelry Organization Ideas - DIY Inspired

Note: This post was originally published on January 14, 2015 but been updated and improved.

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  1. The first one’s what I got. My board has just gotten bigger because I was inspired to put more earrings on it. 😀 I think I can now visit antique shops to have them all stored neatly. Great ideas! 🙂

  2. Dinah,
    I love reading about all your ideas. I have followed your blog since Lauren. S. Pointed it out to a few years ago. I am reusing a kitchen pantry in a laundry/pantry room. We have removed all of the inside shelves and turning it into a free standing linen closet. One side of the pantry is exposed and I would like to turn that into a large magnetic chalkboard for our little granddaughter. I found vintage block letters for wordplay games, but not sure what is the best chalkboard paint to use. What is your experience with chalk board paint?

    1. Hi Christi! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it. I do love chalkboard paint. I have tried several, and I do love Martha Stewart’s the best. When I use it, I apply three coats, but I wait 2 hours in between coats and then after the last one, I wait 24 hours to use it. I’ve never had an issue with it and it works on many different surfaces. I hope this helps!

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