Mason Jar with Tulips Gift Idea

It’s mid spring which means that tulips, one of my favorite flowers, are typically available in flower shops and grocery stores. My best friend loves them too, so I thought I’d bring some over to her house after I heard she was having a bad day. When I went to pick out a bouquet, there were so many pretty colors it was tough to decide. There was white, light pink, dark pink, red, and purple. I ended up choosing purple and put together this Mason jar with tulips gift idea.

Mason Jar with Tulips

I always keep a few sauce jar handy in my cupboard for occasions like this. I had the perfect one. Honestly, I see beauty in the jar on its own, but wanted to make it a little more special for my friend. I started with a little lace… simple and pretty.

Mason Jar with lace and Tulips

I liked it but continued to dig through my never ending craft supplies. I found some rhinestones. They were fabulous (like her)… perfect.

Mason Jar with Rhinestones and Lace

I made a little tag and wrote a personal note on it and tied it with some jute string. It’s a small gesture that took a few minutes. I gave it to her that night and she appreciated my sentiment. I was glad I could put a smile on her face even for just a second.

Mason Jar with Tulips Gift Idea

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