Clever Repurposing Ideas for Prescription Bottles

Repurposing Ideas for Prescription Bottles to Use for Your Next Trip

I am one lucky girl and have been able to travel to several different countries over the years. While I was packing for a trip one time, I was looking for something to pack my rings and earring so that they could easily be found.  They always get lost in my jewelry tote that I have. I came across some prescription bottles and thought they were perfect! THEN, I got carried away. What other clever repurposing ideas for prescription bottles are there?  I thought of over a dozen!

Here we go!!!

Jewelry and Accessory Storage and Organization

Earrings and Rings

Small jewelry always gets caught or lost when mixed with my necklaces and bracelets.  This is a great compact way to keep them separated.

Upcycled Prescription Bottles


Now my bracelets won’t get tangled in with my necklaces.

Repurposed Prescription Bottles (1)

Bobby Pins

Perfect for those nights when you want to put your hair up.

Clever Upcyling Ideas for Prescription Bottles

Hair Accessories

This is perfect for when I travel with my daughter. Her hair accessories are so small and easy to lose.

Repurposed Prescription Bottles (2)

Fun Ideas

Travel Tic Tac Toe Game

Also helpful when you’re traveling with kids, make a little board with a piece of paper and use small shells, rocks, and the like for markers.

Clever Repurposing Ideas for Prescription Bottles

Mints and Candies

I am always digging in my purse to find individually wrapped mints.  This is a great way to keep them all together.

Repurposed Prescription Bottles for Travel (1)

Extra Batteries

Because you never know…

Upcycled Prescription Bottles (2)

Spare Change

It’s never fun when you are traveling and you need to feed the meter.

Ideas for Upcycled Prescription Bottles

Head Phones

Prescription Bottles are the perfect size for your headphones and great for preventing tangles.

Upcycled Prescription Bottles for Travel

Organizing and Storing Toiletries

Cotton Balls and Cotton Pads

Prescription Bottles are a similar size to travel shampoos and fit perfectly in a cosmetic bag.

Clever Uses for Prescription Bottles

Cotton Swabs

Another compact container that’s perfect for your cosmetic bag.

Unique Uses for Prescription Bottles

Small Toiletry Items

Tweezers, nail clippers, and the like fit perfectly inside these useful little bottles.

Upcycled Prescription Bottles (1)

Adhesive Bandages

They fit perfectly! Who would have thought?

Ideas for Repurposed Prescription Bottles

Lip Balm. Lip Gloss, & Lipstick

When you have to dig for all three in your purse, having them all together in one container is helpful.

Repurposing ideas for Travel


Not Traveling? Try these!

  • Buttons and Beads
  • Straight Pins
  • Glitter
  • Thumbtacks and Paperclips
  • Screws and Nails
  • Matches
  • Money
  • Staples
  • Seeds
  • Sewing Kit
  • Spare Keys

Phew! If none of these ideas flat your boat, consider dropping empty bottles off at your local animal shelter. They are in need of them to dispense animal medications (Thank you, Craig for the tip!). Did I miss anything???

P.S. You may also like my binder clip hacks!

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  1. Have fun on your trip! I’m loving these ideas, I’m always keeping containers from things & trying to find new ways to use them 🙂

  2. I have TONS of leftover medicine bottles. I use them to store eye-dropper bottles that contain homemade fruit-infused, vegetable glycerin. The amber bottles protect the liquid from sunlight damage.

    Thanks for these extra ideas. Sure to use!

  3. If you use cartridge pens, they’re great for holding spare ink cartridges.
    To hold matches for an emergency kit.
    Some baking soda, for emergency toothpaste or any of the other baking soda uses.

  4. I’m so happy I found your ideas! I have so many rx bottles and hate to throw them out. I fill one with travel-size makeup to keep in my purse for touch-ups. Mascara, concealer and makeup minis fit perfectly! And as mentioned, the amber keeps them out of direct light. Another bonus: they’re easy to clean in case of disaster and my purse stays spotless!

  5. I used to put 2 or 3 pill bottles together,with quarters for the laundry machines, when I was a bus driver on the road. Large vitamins bottles worked for laundry pods/detergent.

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