Repurposed Ribbon Storage with Chicken Wire

The other day I went to Michael’s Craft Store to buy a couple things I needed.  I was perusing the aisles when low and behold I ran into THE rack. The rack of $2.00 grab bags. I have only heard about this. I have always missed out because they go so quickly. One of the bags I bought had several items including all this amazing ribbon and rope. I needed a place to put them to I ended up making this repurposed ribbon storage with chicken wire.

Time: 45-60 Minutes




On one of my treasure hunts, I scored this painting for free. I removed the canvas and painted the frame white. This was perfect because it will match my paint storage idea

I measured and cut chicken wire (poultry netting) and stapled it to the back. By the way, I bought the chicken wire at OSH. (Alprazolam) They seem to have the best size for this frame and I didn’t have to buy a huge roll of it.  Be careful not to cut yourself. It may be a good idea to use gloves during this step.

Next, I cut some rope and tied it to an S hook. I threaded each roll through and tied the end to second hook and attached it to the chicken wire. I ended up with four rows because of all the ribbon I got from the grab bag!


I love this because it is so functional and doubles as an art piece in my craft room. I can cut and unroll the ribbon directly from the frame.

Be sure to check out my matching craft paint storage! The craft room is coming along!



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