Roadside Rescue to Work Table

Roadside Rescue to Work Table

Roadside Rescue to Work Table

A week ago I saw a round circular piece of wood at the railroad crossing where some men were working.  I drove by and then stopped.  That piece of wood needed to go home with me.  I backed up and asked them if I could have the wood.  Puzzled I guess why I’d want it, they said yes, and the rest is history.  Here it is in the back of our pickup.

Roadside Rescue to Work Table (1)

I’ve needed a table to work on in the basement for my DIY projects.  I knew the wood would make a perfect table top, but didn’t know what to use for the base.  Since the wood didn’t cost me anything, I wanted a base that was free too!  Taking out the trash the other day, inspiration hit! 

Roadside Rescue to Work Table (2)

The metal trashcan would work perfectly for the base; it just needed a quick clean-up and a coat of black lacquer paint.  The round of wood got a good washing too.  I didn’t do anything else to the wood because I wanted a table that was sturdy, not fancy.  Here’s the two pieces put together in the basement.

Roadside Rescue to Work Table (3)

The hole in the middle and the other holes in the top are perfect to hold scissors or any other tools that I’m using.  I don’t have to worry about them falling through the holes because the trash can is turned upside down!  I like to take trash &/or overlooked items and make them into unique treasures.  Now, my work area table is a rescue too!  

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  1. These are some great ways to reuse these tops. I have a friend that has a number of these and use them as tables at his bar. They can be used in many ways like displaying pet supplies on the table or other items.

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