Repurposed Yoghurt Container Turned Succulent Pot


This post, Repurposed Yoghurt Container Turned Succulent Pot, is sponsored by Mountain High Yoghurt. All opinions are 100% my own.

Upcycled Yoghurt Container

You know me and my trash to treasure ideas! I always save a lot of my food containers to repurpose them into something new. My craft closet is full of them. Mountain High Yoghurt tubs are perfect for storage, whether it’s for a salad, fruit, cookies, soup or leftover pasta. They can also be used for a wide variety of uses outside the kitchen, such as a mini herb garden or flower vase/centerpiece. Today, I’m sharing my repurposed succulent pot.

First things first… eat your yummy yoghurt. Ha! This is my morning staple; yoghurt with granola, fruit, and honey. Download a coupon for Mountain High Yoghurt here!

Yoghurt Parfait


Make sure to thoroughly wash your tub.

Repurposed Mountain High Yoghurt Container

Next, cut off about a third of your yoghurt container with scissors.

Upcycled Yoghurt Container Craft

Pour some Mod Podge on the yoghurt lid to use as a pallet for your glue and brush. Paint a layer of glue on the bottom of your tub.

Repurposed Yoghurt Container Craft

The hardest part is starting the rope, so place a generous amount of Mod Podge at the start of your rope. Hold it tightly and begin to wind the rope around the tub until your glue is covered. Be sure to move the trope down as you wind so that there are no gaps.

Repurposed Yoghurt Container turned Basket

Add more glue and continue to wind the rope around the tub until it is covered.

Repurposed Yoghurt Container Turned Pot

Once your reach the top, apply another generous amount of Mod Podge at the end of the rope. Allow it to dry completely.

Repurposing Idea Yogurt Container

Once the glue is dry, measure and cut your metal ribbon and use a hot glue gun to wrap it around your pot.

Repurposed Yogurt Container

Plant your favorite succulents in your pot and viola!

Upcycled Yoghurt Container

Repurposed Plastic Container

About Mountain High Yoghurt

In 1976, Mountain High started making yoghurt using a traditional European method fondly renamed “Cultured in the Cup” —a method they still use today. They mix the milk and cultures together and put that into the same cups that will be shipped to the store later. The cups sit in a warm room for several hours while the cultures work their magic: thickening the yoghurt and giving it its distinct creaminess and tang. Since they use only cultures to thicken their yoghurt, they don’t need to add any gelatin or funny stuff. And it’s not just any milk they use, either. Because they want the milk to taste perfect, they look for farms where they never treat the cows with growth hormones and all of their products are made with just a few simple ingredients. All of this simplicity makes Mountain High awesome!

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Repurposed Plastic Container Before and After

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  1. Love this! Especially the metal detail. We will be featuring your project on the next Brag About It Link Party! Party will start on Monday at midnight – hope you’ll join us!

  2. Love the combination of the metal ribbon and jute twine Dinah. I have done the same thing with salt container but decorated them with marbles.Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty . We would love to have you again next week.

  3. Great idea Dinah! Your succulent pot looks awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this great gardening idea with Dream. Create. Inspire. Link. I hope you will join us again tomorrow night:). Take care, Tara

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