Couples Olympics Theme Party for Adults

Couples Olympics 2016 (2)

We just had our third annual Couples Olympics theme party for adults. If you are not familiar with these parties, check out the last two years!

The Couples Olympics is a great excuse for us adults to dress up, play games, and have fun. It’s also a fun family event where all the kiddos are invited, but instead of focusing on them, the games and events are played by the adults and the kids cheer us on or do their own thing.

We have a DIY trophy that is passed around to the winning couple, along with medals, which entitles them to bragging rights until the next year’s events. Guess what? My husband and I won this year! Woo hoo! Go Big Blue!

Couples Olympics 2016 Trophy

Couples Olympics 2016 Medals

We deck out the house including decorations with streamers

Couples Olympics 2016

Couples Olympics 2016 Decorations with Streamers

Couples Olympics 2016 Decorating with Streamers

Couples Olympics 2016 Decorating with Streamers (2)

Couples Olympics 2016 Decorating with Streamers (1)

Couples Olympics 2016 Decorating with Streamers (3)

Couples Olympics 2016 Decor with Streamers

…fake tissue paper torches…

Couples Olympics 2016 Torches

Couples Olympics 2016 Tissue Paper Torches

…and a giant cardboard Olympic logo.

Couples Olympics Cardboard Logo (2)

Couples Olympics Cardboard Logo (1)

We give each team swag bags filled with goodies like wigs, whistles, temporary tattoos, and pom poms. Every couple has an assigned color which they use year after year.

Couples Olympics 2016 Swag Bags

We even have an official scoreboard and rule book.

Couples Olympics 2016 Scoreboard

Couples Olympics 2016 Team Colors

Couples Olympics 2016 COC Book

Every year our events change slightly. We remove one from the previous year and replace it with the reigning winners game of choice. They range from washers to marshmallow transfers to couple’s cup stacking. It is so much fun! If you are interested in throwing a party like this, you must check out these posts below. I have printables and details about the games and events to help you get started.

Couples Olympics 2016 Events

We have a blast every year and there is actually a waiting list of couples to join us!

Couples Olympics 2016 Athletes

In case you missed them:

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