DIY Paper Flower Craft

DIY Paper Dahlia Flower

I originally started this paper flower craft to use as embellishments for gift wrapping, but after I made the first flower it was too big.  So, I went with these paper flowers instead.  I wasn’t going to post this tutorial because I already posted a tutorial for a similar wreath I made out of book pages, BUT I decided that was a long time ago and this time, I’d write a better tutorial. Also, you can use these for home décor, party décor, or other things. So here we go!

Time: 20-35 Minutes


I wanted to make the most out of one 8.5”X11” piece of paper, so I cut each sheet into 8 equal pieces with a paper cutter (2.75”X 4.25”). You will need three pieces of paper cut in 8.

DIY Paper Flower with Measurements

Next roll each piece in a diagonal cone as shown and tape or glue together.

DIY Paper Flower Paper Craft

Repeat this for all 8 pieces.

DIY Paper Flower for Decor

Punch a 3” circle out of light weight cardstock and glue or tape each cone as shown.

DIY Paper Flower for Gift Wrapping

For the second sheet of paper, I rolled the cone a little wider.

DIY Paper Flower Step By Step

Glue these cones in between the first 8 cones. You can stop here is you wish, or add a third layer.

Paper Flower Craft

For the third piece of paper, I made each like the second round, but trimmed the bottom.

DIY Paper Flower How To

Glue them in between the 2nd cones as shown.

DIY Paper Flower Craft

I opted to punch out a 3” circle to place on top of the flower to finish the look.

DIY Paper Flower Tutorial

DIY Paper Flower DIY Inspired

More Paper Flowers:

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DIY Paper Flower Craft Tutorial- DIY Inspired

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