Rusty Trowel to Wall Décor Upcycle

Rusty Trowel to Wall Décor Upcycle

Repurposed Trowel to Decor

I wanted some flowers on the wall of the guest bathroom.  I wanted the flowers to be in something that would complement the rustic look of the towel holder I made out of an old bank wheel that I wrote about in an article from November, 2015. 


  • Sand paper
  • Spray paint  – one color for the base, one color for the bottle
  • Large cup to hold water
  • Wire – 24 gauge
  • Drill

When I saw this old trowel, I knew it would work perfectly as a flower holder.

Trowel Makeover

Trowel Makeover (1)

After sanding the trowel to remove as much of the rust and grooves as possible, I painted it silver to match the towel holder. I didn’t want to paint the handle, choosing to leave it rusty!

I needed something to add to the front to hold flowers.   I always save my glass bottles knowing “one day” I’ll use them for something. I used an empty horseradish bottle for the flowers.


To one cup of cold water, I added 5 squirts of blue paint.  Then I wrapped some wire around the bottle neck and dipped the bottle into the water/paint mixture. 

Trowel Makeover (2)

Here’s a full bottle of horseradish, and the empty one I just finished dipping into the paint.  You can see the wire around the bottle’s neck.  The paint dries very quickly.  Use a tissue to dab off excess water to help speed the drying process which takes just a few minutes.  I tipped the bottle over and dipped the neck portion into the paint too.

Trowel Makeover (3)

I positioned the bottle on the front of the trowel and asked my husband to drill some holes in the trowel.  I fed wire through the holes and neck of the bottle to hold it securely in place.

Trowel Makeover (4)

To hang, I also had my husband drill two small holes by the handle base so I could just hang it directly on the wall.

DIY Upcycled Trowel

Now the trowel matches the rest of the silver in the room.  This trowel was headed for the trash bin, but I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.  I’m glad I kept it.  Now it hangs in the guest bathroom as another rescued treasure!

DIY Upcycled Trowel Tutorial


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