Repurposed Wheel Towel Holder

Trash to Treasure: Rusty Wheel Turned Towel Holder

Trash to Treasure

When a towel holder literally falls off the wall, what do you do? 

Hole in the Wall

Replace it with an old bank cart wheel of course!  Our guest bathroom towel holder had seen better days, in fact, the only thing that remained were the holes in the wall and the circular frame where the towel once hung.  Having obtained a new junk pile to go through, I began the search for a new towel holder.  Here’s the stash of new junk.  (If you look closely, you can see the wheel sitting up just a little in the lower right hand corner.)

Junk Pile

From this pile, I found the perfect towel holder – an old rusty wheel. I’m told it came off a bank cart used  over 30 years ago.  Here’s a picture of the wheel along with the only remaining piece of the original towel holder,  the circular ring….

Rusty Wheel Turned Towel Holder

As you can see, the wheel was crusted with rust and I knew I had to remove it in order to paint it.  I used Metal Rescue to soak the wheel for 24 hours.

Rust Remover

Here’s what the rusty wheel looked like after a soak in Metal Rescue…

Old Cart Wheel

A huge difference!  It took off over 30 years of rust.  Now it was ready for a fresh coat of paint and to be installed on the wall.  

Rusty Cart Wheel Turned Towel Holder

Once upon a time this wheel was used for carting money in a bank, then it usefulness was over.   Now, after sitting in a junk pile for over 30 years, it is upcycled into a new towel holder for our home!

Repurposed Rusty Wheel Turned Towel Holder

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