Recycled Duck Tape Storage Boxes

This article, Recycled Duck Tape Storage Boxes, was originally written for my other blog which I will be saying goodbye to, but I still wanted to share this fun trash to treasure craft here on DIY Inspired!


My daughter has her own little space in the closet of my craft room with her craft supplies. I have noticed that we keep accumulating coloring books, crayons, and markers as gifts, but they keep getting pushed in the closet because we do so many other crafts. So, I wanted to put them out in her room where she could use them anytime with easy access. My first thought was that I didn’t want to spend any money so I ended up making these Recycled Duck Tape Storage Boxes for her room.


  • Recycled Box (I used a Costco sized cracker box)
  • Craft knife
  • Straight edge
  • Two colors/patterns of Duck Tape
  • Scissors

Here is the box I chose. It was nice and big for what I wanted to use it for.



I was able to simply cut it in half with a craft knife and straight edge so that I could use both sides.



I first covered it in plain white Duck Tape.



Next, I added a boarder of fabric Duck Tape.  I had this left over from the Upcycled Fabric Duck Tape Shelves, which was perfect so this would match her room.



In minutes I had super inexpensive (well, free!) and easy Recycled Duck Tape Storage Boxes. I always save food boxes for things like this.  You could also use this same project for clever gift wrapping as well.  For example, I made these Recycled Food Box Gift Bags for a Hello Kitty themed party that I attended.

Recycled-Duck-Tape-Storage-Boxes-5 (1)

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