Summer Birthday Party Sneak Peek

Being me, I should know better when I tell myself I’ll just have a small get together for my daughter’s birthday this year. It wasn’t large by any means, but it is just impossible for me to relax order some pizza the day of the party, bake cupcakes, throw up a balloon and streamers, and let the kids play. Oh no! I actually lose sleep over this kind of stuff. Oye!  Anyway, I thought I’d take the time and show you the part of the process for this Summer Birthday Party Sneak Peek.

It’s easiest to start with the small stuff.  Paper crafts are a simple way to spruce up any party.  I made little straw flags out of address labels that said “Mia’s 2!” on them.  I also used address labels to print a “Thank you for coming” sign on that butterfly net and bug catcher party favors. 

I found colorful little frames in the dollar bin at a craft store and printed my daughter’s letters and age, used a craft punch, and layered it with burlap.  We also had a hot dog bar so I had a large framed board of topping suggestions.  For example, a Texas Dog is BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, and onions while a New York dog is mustard and sauerkraut.  I also framed the hot dog recipe suggestions to place at each table.  I made labels for all the hot dog topping sauces like ketchup, mustard, ranch, and BBQ sauce, and I also made labels for the sauces on the cupcake decorating table.

For the decorations, my friends and family helped.  We hung paper lanterns, butterflies in all sizes, and umbrellas from fishing line on the patio.  I designed a banner from Banners on the Cheap and hung it up on the patio as well.  We also used glass vases and recycled mason jars and arranged flowers cut from our gardens.

Lastly, we arrange the patio furniture and tables for seating for both the adults and kids.  I hung my repurposed plant hanger in the center of an easy up and strung lanterns across the lawn on fishing wire.

I can’t wait to show you the actual party.  Stay tuned tomorrow 🙂

Update! Here’s a short video of the party. Enjoy!


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    1. I bought the umbrellas at our local swap meet for $1 a piece! The butterflies (small) are from a craft store and I borrowed the large ones from a friend. She purchased them at Ross for $6 a piece! You can’t make them for that much!

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