How to Caulk Your Sink

We spend so much money on the best appliances, the perfect cabinetry, and choosing the right fixtures; and we spend so much time doing research online and looking for discounts and a great coupon or voucher code making sure we get the best deals possible.  With that said, it’s so important to take care of the things we just spent so much time and money on.  It seems that granite countertops are more common now in household kitchens.  They are expensive therefore there is an important money saving tip I learned from a contractor who happen to see my kitchen counter sink that I HAD to share with you.  He informed me that a $25 DIY project will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.  Caring and re-caulking your sink will help keep your countertops not only looking clean, but more stable and durable for the long haul.  It will protect your cabinets from moisture, mold, and mildew.  It’s so quick and easy to do. Here is how to caulk your sink in three easy steps.


Step one: Make sure your sink is clean and free of debris (and of course dishes!).

Step two: Use a scraper to scrape off the old caulking from around your sink or the area that needs to be re-caulked.  We used two different types of scrapers.  Remove the old caulking and debris from the sink.

Step three: Carefully follow the directions on your caulking gun.  Cut the tip of the caulking and place it in your caulking gun. Gently squeeze the trigger and carefully follow through the edges of your sink.  Follow the drying time indicated on your caulking.

Tip: If you mess up don’t worry, gently wipe off with and reapply caulking. You can also use the tip of your finger to smooth out the caulking.

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER photo.



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  1. Hello Dinah!

    Thanks for the article, love it. I have a problem and I hope your advice will help. I moved into a new house recently. Everything is fine except for one thing. Granite countertops seem barely sealed since they soak up water and I need to wait for too long for water to fully dry. That’s frustrating. I want to seal them: there are no stains on the countertops so there is no need for replacing them. Now I’m looking for a good granite sealer which is easy to apply. I’ve been researching some blogs, this page seems the most informative for me. It seems that StoneTech and Tuff Duck are top sealers. I wonder what you think about it. Can you recommend any good granite sealer? Thank you,.

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