How to Tea Stain Flags

How to Tea Stain Flags AFTER

I love the vintage Americana look for patriotic holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. So this year for my decorations, I thought I’d tea stain some flags for a more vintage look as opposed to the stark white new flag look. Here is how to tea stain flags.

Time: 30 -45 Minutes



These are the flags I bought at the craft store. They were 3 for one dollar.

Small American Flags

First brew a pot of tea. I filled a tea pot half of the way and put five bags of tea inside. Place the flags in a shallow Pyrex dish. Once the tea is ready, carefully pour the tea over the flags until the flags are submerged completely. Allow the flags to soak for at least fifteen minutes. I waited about thirty.

How to Tea Stain Flags Instructions

Remove the flags and gently rinse them with water in the sink. Place the sticks in a glass and allow them to dry completely. I dried them on the windowsill in the sun. Be sure to place an old towel or paper towel down to catch the drips.

How to Tea Stain Flags Tutorial

Here is the after! Now you have nice vintage looking flags.  Mix them with flowers and place them in a vase or use them to decorate a wreath.

How to Tea Stain

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How to Tea Stain Flags DIY Inspired

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  1. What a simple way to get a vintage look for your patriotic decor! Thanks so much for sharing your DIY with us at Merry Monday this week!

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