Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings


My daughter’s Valentine party is tomorrow at her preschool and I was assigned to bring 12 napkins. How boring is that? I decided that I couldn’t just bring napkins. I also realized that I’m probably that Mom that all the other Mom’s hate because everything I bring has a crafty twist to it.  I can imagine that it could get annoying. For example, these are the Valentine’s I made for Mia to bring to her classmates. I don’t know why I’m so self-conscious of it. I even contemplated not bringing them! Anyway, here is how I made these cute little Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings for her preschool Valentine’s Day party.


First I painted one paper towel roll red with acrylic craft paint.



While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I cut out little hearts on circles so that the glitter would peep through the circle. Plus I didn’t have any heart stickers so this was a craft compromise!



Once the paint dried I cut it into rings. One paper towel roll made 12 napkin rings.



I used Darice Glitter tape in gold and wrapped it around each ring.



Lastly, I glued the heart embellishment on top. Aren’t they cute?


It only took a few minutes including dry time to make. I hope her classmates like them and that the teachers and parents don’t think I’m crazy! Ha!

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