The GMC DIY Challenge is Live


Woooooo hooooooo! It’s official! The GMC DIY Challenge is live right now on the GMC YouTube channel! Recently I shared my experience being a part of the first ever GMC and Habitat for Humanity DIY Challenge.  I wasn’t able to reveal the winner until today.

You can see some behind the scenes photos and read about it in my last post. I did receive some new photos to share. Above are Timothy Dahl, me, and Brad Pennington.

This is my team, Bob, Jenny, and me. I honestly couldn’t have done it without Jenny and Bob.  They were troopers that were talented and worked very hard.




So without further ado, enjoy the show!

Wah, wah, wah! We lost. But wasn’t it fantastic?  I am a goofball! As I mentioned in the show, it was the experience and the new friends that meant the most to me.  I wouldn’t change a thing… OK, well in hindsight I would have changed a couple things, but still…amazing. But WOW, talk about repurposing and reinvention! It was the ultimate test for me.

A few things that weren’t shown in the video was that we made our entertainment stand out of four different random pieces from the Habitat Humanity.  We also made all the accessories out of light fixtures, and other repurposed materials.  It was a huge project to take on for the time that we had.  I wish we would have added another shelf, so the unit would look less boxy.

I am very proud of what we produced and of my team that helped me do it.  Thank you to GMC, Habitat for Humanity, Weber Shandwick, and everyone else who helped put all of this together. It was a surreal experience that I will never forget.

So if you missed it, check out my last post with some fun behind the scenes photos.

Thank you for watching!

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