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This summer, my daughter has been doing a great job keeping up with homework sheets. We went on a weekend vacation getaway and I wanted to keep the momentum going, so I made some easy DIY doll school supplies for her to take with us with her American Girl doll. I figured that this would make doing homework on vacation more fun for her (and it worked)! Here is how I made these mini pencils and homework sheets.

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Time: 30 Minutes

Materials for Pencils:

  • Toothpicks
  • Mixed Media Scissors
  • Disposable Bowls or Plates
  • Craft Paint (Black, Pink, Silver or Gray)
  • Orange Marker

Instructions for Pencils:

First, cut the one end of the toothpick with mixed media scissors so that one end is squared and the other end is pointed. You may be able to skip this step depending on your toothpicks. I used paint for the next steps.

I think you could use markers, but this way is easier. Dip the pointed end of the toothpick in black paint, roll the toothpick against the plate or bowl to remove excess paint. The paint will dry quickly. Next, color the base of the toothpick with an orange marker. Dip the other end of the toothpick in silver or gray paint and remove excess. Allow it to dry. Repeat and add the pink tip for the eraser with pink paint. You can lean the pencil up against the rim of the bowl or plate to dry.

Time: 20 Minutes

Materials for Homework Sheets:

  • Any School Work Sheets
  • Camera Phone
  • Computer and Printer
  • Scissors

Instructions for School Work Sheets:

These are great because I had my daughter pick the sheets she wanted to do on our trip and then I made the exact same ones for her doll. First, take a picture of each worksheet with your phone. Crop the picture to the edges of the worksheet. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Move the pictures to your computer and place each image onto a work document. Resize the picture to about 3 inches tall. He width can vary. Print and cut out the pages.

If you want use them, here is the printable for the pages we used. These aren’t perfect but they did the job and my daughter loved it: Doll Sized School Work Sheets

Hope you try it!

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