Simple Ways to Reuse and Repurpose

Simple Ways to Reuse and Repurpose

Did you know…

  • Large oatmeal canisters are the perfect size to hold 2 rolls of toilet paper? Cover it up with decorative scrapbook paper to match your bathroom to make the perfect, but necessary hiding place.
  • Pringles cans are the perfect size to store cookies. Pretty it up with wrapping paper and ribbon and there you have the perfect hostess gift.
  • An old rake can add some rustic charm and be used to hold wine glasses in your kitchen, jewelry in your bedroom, or tools in your garden. Photo Source: BHG

  • Coffee mug racks make handy accessory and jewelry racks.  Spray paint it a fun bold color and it doubles as art.
  • A spice rack can be repurposed to hold beads or small notions for a craft room.  How many of us have one of these and NEVER use the spices? I don’t even know what half of them are!
  • Drawer pulls can be mounted on your wall to cleverly and decoratively hang picture frames with twine or ribbon. Photo Source: Pottery Barn

  • Old plates and glasses (or candlesticks) can be converted into cute cake stands.  Simply adhere the two with epoxy and spray paint it the desired color.  If you paint the platter, make sure you place a napkin on top with unwrapped food to make it food safe.
  • On old plate stand can be used for extra storage in your bathroom for your toiletries and makeup.

  • The clips from plastic pant hangers make perfect chip clips.
  • Old dresser drawers can be repurposed into shelves. Paint them a fun color and add wall paper inside.
  • An unused magazine file holder can be used in your pantry to hold and organize (vertically) foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, etc.

  • An old wall mounted magazine rack can be used to hold extra towels in your bathroom or guest room.
  • You can drip old candle wax into a bottle cap and add a wick for an instant tea light.
  • This one’s for the kiddos… you can cut bubble wrap in large squares and write each number with a black sharpie to create bubble wrap hopscotch!


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  1. I make candles. DO NOT PUT HOT WAX IN PLASTIC LIDS! This is dangerous; the hot wax/burning wick will melt the plastic, cause a fire and ruin your holder (not to mention, potentially what’s around it). Remember, tea lights come in METAL trays. Some come in acrylic trays, but they are NOT plastic.

    Better: Use 2 small rubber bands, a CLEAN paper or Styrofoam cup (inclusions can be a fire hazard) and a longish wick with a tab on it. Melt your wax. Dip the tab in the melted wax then position that tab in the center of the bottom of the cup. Extend the rubber bands across the diameter of the cup, placing one on each side of the wick so as to hold the wick upright and in the center. Carefully pour the hot melted wax between the rubber band and the cup’s edge. Set this in a warm room (cool places will make it concave) where it will not be disturbed. Once hard and cool, tear cup away. Now you have your own votive.

    I use an old glass candle holder on a candle warmer to melt my wax. I do this for fun at home; I don’t have a commercial business where I have to make 50-100 candles at the same time and they have to be all the same. It takes some time but it’s worth it!

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