True Love Punch You in the Face Printable

First of all, the title of this post cracks me up. Second of all, I wasn’t going to post this until a few people on social media asked me to.  For my husband’s and my anniversary this year, I made him this gift tag.  It says, “I love you so much, even though I want to punch you in the face sometimes.”  OF COURSE I would NEVER punch my husband in the face. But this phrase, for us, is funny and we “get it”.

In our marriage, like every marriage, we have ups and downs.  We fight and we are both passionate about it. But over the years, we have gotten better and better about how we communicate with each other.  It took several years for us to figure it out because our conflict styles are very different. But, we have both learned and discovered that 1) it’s ok to get angry, 2) it’s ok to disagree, and 3) just because we ARE angry, doesn’t mean we are going to get a divorce.

We had to learn to listen, really listen (not just hear) what the other person was saying and on top of that, own up to when we were wrong. Yep…apologizing.  That was really hard for me because I am so “bull-headed” as my mom would say.

I have no idea how this post became about my marriage, but when it comes down to it, this tag and the words on it represent true love. So, if you can relate, I hope you can give this to your other half with a smile and he or she will know what it means too.

Print one for your anniversary, a birthday, or Valentine’s Day here: True Love Punch You in the Face PrintableI made them in three different sizes just in case. Just cut the size you need, glue it to chipboard or scrapbook paper to match your gift wrapping, and punch a hole for ribbon. I hope you like them!

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