Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft


As you may already know, I hoard toilet paper rolls. When you have young kids, you never know when the ultimate toilet paper roll craft may strike! After all I HAVE made quite a few toilet paper roll crafts with Mia!

This time, we made a turkey with some colorful feathers we made from our scrap paper bin. You only need a few materials.


To make the turkey’s body, Mia painted a toilet paper roll brown.



For the head, we punched out a circle with a craft punch.  If you don’t have one you can always trace a circular object and cut it. We added a beak and a wattle.



We had adhesive wiggly eyes, and Mia stuck those on.



For the feathers, I folded a piece of scrap paper and then cut out the shape and fringed it with scissors. I was able to do two feathers at a time.



We used two more circles and glued all the feathers together with a circle on the front and back.



Lastly, we glued the feathers and head onto the toilet paper rolls.



This would be a fun craft for the kids to do on Thanksgiving day, or anytime in the fall.

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