Upcycled Duct Tape Play Table

OK, if you are not a big fan of garage sales, hopefully this post will change your mind!

Here is a BEFORE picture of a children’s table and chairs that was five dollars at a garage sale.

Being that one of my best friends, Jennifer (table owner) and I have all girls, AND we can’t pass up a good deal, AND we love to upcycle things and do craft projects together, AND we both thought this table just wasn’t cute enough; we decided to change it, using the magic of duct tape.

This project was SO easy and took no time for Jennifer and me to do during a quick play date the other day.  First we turned the table over and unscrewed the top from the base.

We chose three different colors of duct tape to coordinate with the existing base and legs of the table.

Strip by strip, together we covered the table top alternating colors in a random striped pattern.

Literally less than fifteen minutes later, we had an adorable upcycled table top.

We turned it over and finished the edges with more duct tape.

Using my fingertips, I felt over the existing screw holes and punctured through the duct tape with a sharp tool.

We aligned the holes with the table base and screwed it back in.

Here are some AFTER photos with our cute little munchkins.

The beauty of it? Crayon wipes off duct tape with just a wet paper towel!  We hope you like our upcycled duct tape play table!

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Duct Tape Kids Table Makeover



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  1. By the way… I’ve had this project finished for a couple weeks now and the duct tape survived three horrible rains and a million battles with crayon, food, and bird poop! It wipes right off!

    1. What do you do about the part of the table where it is cracked open? Won’t that keep happening if you just recover it?

      1. Hi Angie! Duct tape is very strong. This table lasted me years after I recovered it. It lasted up until I re-sold it at my garage sale when we moved!

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