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So when a couple finally moves in together, so does all of your stuff.  Unfortunately there are things that come with every bachelor now husband that you wish you could just throw away.  In my case, my hubby came with this enormous and atrocious orange painting (oh yeah and a garbage disposal lamp and a White Sox blanket for the couch).  I kept it up in our living room (I know I know) for probably a whole year and then gradually moved it upstairs (so less people would see it) for a few months.

Here is a picture of the painting.

FINALLY, I sent him a text him I knew he was having fun at the track, and said, “So, are you attached to that orange painting?”  Probably feeling guilty because he was having fun at the track with his buddies and I was at home with our child he said, “No. Why? What did you buy to replace it?” In my head he said, “No. Get rid of it.” My response was, “Oh nothing! Great!”

When he got home, his orange painting was now a DIY headboard covered with an old curtain for our guestroom.  Here is how I did it.

Materials Needed:

  • Ugly painting
  • One Old Curtain Panel
  • Staple Gun
  • Scissors

Lay the painting on top of the clean curtain panel and trim it.  Watch out for any stains (that was inserted because my curtain had a ton of them!).

Fold the top side down and staple across the top.  Next, pull the fabric taught on the other side and staple the bottom.  Proceed with each side, again pulling the fabric taught as you go.  I left about three inches in between staples.

Trim the edges with scissors.

There you have it!  Instant headboard!  I also had enough curtain panel left to make a matching round pillow case. I hung sconces on either side to create balance since the painting was narrower than the bed.

RIP Ugly Orange Painting 2005-2011

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  1. Where did you put the garbage disposal lamp (he was very proud of that–has he not told you that people work for years without receiving one of thoese ????? LOL) and the blanket?

    1. The lamp is on his desk at work (phew) and unfortunately, the blanket is rolled up on the living room couch! I have to admit it IS warm and cozy!

    1. Great stuff! What an easy way to make a plain guest room look great! There are so many creative ideas on your site. New fan!

    1. Hi Danielle! I made the blue and white ones from fabric I bought from Joann’s Fabric store. The round pillow was made from the left over curtain panel and I believe I bought the two with brown from Target years ago!

  2. I love your blog and love all of your posts! I get such fabulous inspiring ideas from you….I love the headboard you made…

  3. This is the cheapest headboard project I have come across yet. I may have to try this until I can come up with a more permanent solution for a headboard. Thank you!

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