Upcycled Spoon Stamped Garden Markers


There are several creative ways to make your own garden markers. Upcycling old spoons is a great option because they will withstand the weather for outdoor herbs, fruit, and vegetables. You can make your own garden markers with this simple stamping technique.

DIY Stamped Spoon Garden Markers (14)

Time: One hour



When gathering your materials, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, your rags and socks will need to be disposable.  Second, choose a heavy hammer for the best results. For this project, a four-pound Engineer’s hammer was used (metal side). Lastly, consider purchasing your spoons at a local thrift store to save money.  You can buy a set of eight spoons for just a few dollars.


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DIY Stamped Spoon Garden Markers (1)

Make sure your workspace is solid. Wrap the spoon in a rag and place it on a steel block. The spoon should be facing down.

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Use one hand to hold the spoon still, while hammering down the spoon with your dominant hand. Wear protective work gloves.  Remove the rag and check your work. You may need to bend the stem of the spoon into the desired position. Here is a picture of the spoons before and after flattening.

DIY Stamped Spoon Garden Markers (10)

Next, place the flattened spoon on top of the steel block and stamp your letters. Stamp each letter with one quick and heavy strike. More than one strike may cause your letters to be misaligned.

DIY Stamped Spoon Garden Markers (11)

These stamped garden markers are fun to make. You can also use forks or knives. Make a set of herbs or vegetables. Tie them with ribbon and attach a tag to make a great homemade gift.

DIY Stamped Spoon Garden Markers (12)

DIY Stamped Spoon Garden Markers (13)

This article originally appeared on Angie’s List.

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