How to Make an Easy DIY Cake Pop Stand

This year for my daughter’s emoji birthday party, she requested cake pops. Believe it or not, I have never served (or made) cake pops before! I did hire a wonderful friend from Sweet Tooth Cravings and More to make them for me. Of course now I had to make cake pop stands. I played around with some idea but this seemed to be the cheapest and easiest DIY cake pop stand I could make.

How to Make an Emoji Themed Cake Pop Stand



Instead of going for height, I went more economical and made three small stands. I found this saved me several dollars, plus I could spread them out on the table to make the dessert table look nice. The least expensive foam block that made the most sense was 12” X 4” X 2”. These were $3.99 apiece.

Cake Pop Stand DIY Tutorial

I made these signs for my daughter’s emoji themed birthday but you can use any decorative paper or scrapbook paper that you like to match your party theme.

How to Make an Easy Cake Pop Stand for any Party

I used 1” wide ribbon. The length of the ribbon should be about 25” long. I didn’t cover the whole front side so I didn’t waste ribbon. Secure the ribbon with a straight pin. Use two pieces of ribbon, or one piece of 2” wide ribbon.

Cake Pop Stand DIY

Next, glue the sign onto the ribbon on the front of the stand.

Cake Pop Stand Ideas

Here is the final look. As I mentioned, you can use and color paper and ribbon to match your party decorations.  I like the look of having three stands on the table.

Emoji DIY Cake Pop Stand Holder

How to Make an Easy Cake Pop Stand

In case you missed it, check out the cardboard emoji decorations and emoji party favors (free thank you printable) I made. I will show you the rest of the party next week!

How to Make an Easy Cake Pop Stand - DIY Inspired

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