Vintage Tablecloth to Wall Art

Vintage Tablecloth to Wall Art


Vintage Tablecloth Wall Art (4)

Vintage 1950s treasures can add a touch of nostalgia to a room.  With my 1950s California Missions tablecloth I created a piece of wall art for our kitchen/dining room. 

Vintage Tablecloth Wall Art

The tablecloth measures 32” x 36” and framing it was cost prohibitive.   This called for a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  I found an Anderson window the perfect size.

Vintage Tablecloth Wall Art (1)

After removing some hardware, puttying in some holes, sanding and painting, the window was ready to become my frame. I simply stapled the tablecloth to the inside of the window.

Vintage Tablecloth Wall Art (2)

Then I stapled a piece of Luann plywood to the back. Luann Plywood is about ¼” thick and is used for craft projects that need a thin wood.

Most circa 1950 kitchen collections, such as Fiesta ware dishes are in the primary color tones, especially red and yellow.  Since these are colors I use in my kitchen this piece of Americana fits perfectly in the décor. 

Vintage Tablecloth Wall Art (5)

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