5 Minute No Sew DIY iPhone Case

Felt 5 Minute No Sew DIY iPhone Case

I recently made some felt tassel key chains and had some left over felt scraps. I decided to make a DIY phone case for my iPhone. It’s perfect for me, because it protects my phone from all the junk in my purse, and if I don’t want to bring my purse (which is often) I can just grab this thing and go. Here is what you need for this quick craft.


Time: > 5 Minutes


I pretty much winged this little DIY. I measured my iPhone and felt piece so that it was long enough to have a flap. You may need a ruler and pencil to help you. The length of a standard felt sheet is perfect for this.

Felt No Sew DIY iPhone Case

The phone fits perfectly!

DIY iPhone Case

I added a little pocket for money and a strap for lip gloss. When gluing the lip gloss strap, make sure it’s tight enough so the lip gloss doesn’t slide out. You can carefully glue the strap on while you are holding the lip gloss in place. It takes a little maneuvering but it’s pretty easy. Just don’t burn yourself!

5 Minute No Sew DIY iPhone Case

I added a cute little heart on the back.

Simple No Sew DIY Phone Case

I added a matching heart on the front as well as a few colorful stripes to help weigh down the flap so that it would close better.

No Sew DIY iPhone Case

That’s it! Five minutes and this little DIY iPhone case is done… AND it was free! You can make one for all your friends.

5 Minute No Sew DIY iPhone Case Craft Idea

5 Minute Craft No Sew DIY iPhone Case

Easy No Sew DIY iPhone Case

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