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I love the creepy and crawliness of Halloween.  For some reason I’m drawn to all things gross and scary. I’ve always been like that.  I can recall wanting to show a scary movie at every single birthday slumber party I’ve ever had.

Since this is my daughter’s real first Halloween (she was only 3 months old last Halloween), I couldn’t help but altering her costume and grossing it out a little. I decided to buy her a little strawberry costume with a raspberry trick or treat pail since they were so inexpensive. Infant and toddler costumes are so cute but not eerie enough for me! They just need a little DIY costume tweek.

Here is my attempt at taking the “before” pictures.  Cut me some slack… since she started walking, it’s impossible to take a good still.

This is an easy Halloween costume makeover. I like to call it my little baby buggy costume.  For a few dollars at the 99 cent store, I purchased plastic bugs, flies, roaches and spiders and glued them to her costume. Be careful with the glue, as you want to make sure you protect your little ones by making sure they don’t play with or put any of the glued bugs in their little mouths!

I knew she would tug and pull on the bugs so I only attached a small trail on the front and most of the bugs on the back of her costume, her hat, and her trick or treat pail.

I attempted to take “after” pictures, but you know how that goes.  So here are a few after shots without baby.


Trick or treat pail

Whole costume

Here are some other ideas to creep out your infant or toddlers costume. Wait… I have to make a disclaimer that I’m really not that sick and twisted… I just love the creative (and gross) part of Halloween!

  • Attach a plastic alien to the belly of a cutsie animal costume so it appears to be coming out of the stomach.  Don’t forget about the fake blood!
  • Attach a fake black crow or raven to the shoulder of a costume.
  • Turn your Disney princess into a dead zombie fairy princess.
  • Put tire tracks and cookie crumbles across the face and front of a Girl Scout uniform (I stole this one from my genius brother so if you think I went a little too far with this one, his phone number is… just kidding).
  • Add green “mold” to those cute fruit and veggie baby costumes and attach a fake rat.
  • Attach a stuffed animal to any garment or existing costume at the mouth to make it look like it is attacking.  Add fake blood at the mouth and teeth.

Who doesn’t love a creepy baby? 😉


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