DIY Halloween Taxidermy

Gold DIY Halloween Taxidermy for Your Halloween Décor

I love decorating for Halloween and this year, I’m adding this DIY Halloween taxidermy to my home décor. I love spooky but I also love a little glam, like these Glam-O-Ween Ideas I have shared in the past. These are easy to make and besides dry time, they only take a few minutes.

Gold Halloween Home Decor

Below are the materials and instructions. First, let’s watch a short video I made on how to make your own Halloween taxidermy.

Watch: DIY Halloween Taxidermy

Here’s What You Need

Time: 30 Minutes


  • Wooden Plaques
  • Plastic Halloween Bugs and Creatures
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glue


  1. Make sure your wooden plaques are large enough to fit your insect or animal. I bought these at Michael’s. Paint each plaque the desired color with acrylic craft paint. I used:
    1. Craft Smart Purple
    2. Craft Smart Black
    3. FolkArt Happy Green
  2. I found the scorpion, bat, and insect at Party City. Protect your surface with paper and spray paint each creature gold. I used Design Master Colortool Spray in Brilliant Gold.
  3. Once completely dry, glue each creature to the wooden plaque. I used hot glue and a glue gun and they are staying very well. Just make sure you glue on every part the plastic touches because the creatures are heavy.

Consider different colors and sizes. You can place a picture hanger on the back or Command Strips to hang them.

DIY Gold Scorpion Taxidermy for Halloween

DIY Gold Insect Taxidermy for Halloween

DIY Gold Bat Taxidermy for Halloween

Gold Taxidermy Halloween Home Decor

Halloween Home Decor - DIY Inspired


Need More Halloween Decorating Ideas?

Here’s a video on How to Make Tombstone Vases out of shipping boxes for your Halloween table centerpiece.

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DIY Halloween Taxidermy

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