How to Make Angel Wings

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How to Make Angel Wings out of Four Wire Hangers

OK, I am admitting to the World Wide Web that I cheated. I committed DIY blasphemy… The pink butterfly wings pictured here, I didn’t make, I bought (sigh)… BUT they were free technically!!! That’s my excuse and I stand by it! Because of my mini extreme couponing and thriftiness, I got these wings absolutely free, so I couldn’t pass it up! However, I do know how to make angel wings.

Being the DIY Diva that I am, that was really hard to admit because I think DIY costumes or homemade costumes are the way to go, but I felt better when I glammed them up a bit with glitter (of course, Martha Stewart glitter) to match my daughter’s dress for a butterfly themed birthday party for one of her besties.

I DO however, know how to make angel wings (or butterfly wings), so I thought I’d do a quick tutorial, especially since it’s so close to Halloween, my FAVORITE holiday.

Here is a quick tutorial for How to Make Angel Wings.

You will need:

  • Four wire hangers
  • Wire cutters (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Two pairs of panty hose or tights (any color or pattern you wish)
  • Duct tape
  • Thick ribbon
  • Glue and embellishments such as gems, glitter, feathers (optional)

Note that if you want to make smaller wings, you can use a wire cutter to cut your hanger in half; you will only need two wire hangers for this project.  Each wing consists of four shaped hangers, two on each side.

Instructions for How to Make Angle Wings

  1. Straighten your hangers as best you can. If you are making small wings, cut the straightened hanger in half.
  2. Curve the wire to make a tear drop shape and twist the ends together. Repeat this step for all four pieces.
  3. Place the wires in the shape of wings (two on each side) and use duct tape to secure the center. At this point, the structure of your wings is shaped.
  4. Cut off one leg of the panty hose about twenty to thirty inches and pull over one of the four wire pieces.  If you are making small wings, use children’s tights. Tie the end over the taped wire closure in a knot. Repeat for all four pieces. An alternative option is to use four knee high socks.
  5. I find it easiest to shape or reshape your wings when the panty hose is already on, be careful not to tear a hole.
  6. Use thick decorative ribbon to wrap the center of your wings to cover the duct tape and wire.  Leave two long pieces of ribbon on both sides to create straps.
  7. Ribbon can be tied in bows around your shoulders to attach.  Another option is to use two pieces of elastic. Consider embellishing your wings with artificial flowers, glitter, rhinestones, paint, or feathers.

Easy DIY Angel Wings

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