Before and After Kids Room DIY Projects

I wanted to put together some of my favorite past Before and After Kids Room DIY Projects.  All these tutorials are simple and fun to do and more importantly, take little time and money.

Lamp Shade Update

First, an extremely easy way to embellish a boring lampshade is to do so with ribbon.  You can attach the ribbon to the shade with glue; however I prefer to use double sided tape.  This way, I can change it later.



Coat Hanger Makeover

I did this one for one of my best friends.  She originally asked me to just paint this boring yellow coat hanger white.  Of course I had to add some girlie pink and add her daughter Taylor’s name on it with wooden craft letters.


Ribbon Organization Board

This is one of my favorite projects.  I repurposed and old painting and my daughter’s baby blanket into a ribbon organization board.  It now hangs in her room filled with hair accessories and pictures of her friends.



Upcycled Play Table

My daughter uses this garage sale table every day.  She eats breakfast and lunch on it.  She colors and has tea parties with her stuffed animals and baby dolls on it.  For me, this is definitely the ultimate trash to treasure piece.



Upcycled Duct Tape Table

Finally, this $5 garage sale find just needed a little TLC. With a few rolls of duct tape, we were able to give it a whole new look and mend some rips and tears.


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    1. Hi Brianna,

      I got it as a favor from a birthday party, however I did see that you can buy them in packs at a craft store. I saw them at Tall Mouse Crafts.

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