Vintage Tool Box Makeover

Vintage Tool Box Makeover (2)

I inherited my great uncle Mac’s old wooden tool box.  He made this wooden box over 100 years ago and used it every day!  I’ve seen similar boxes in antique stores being sold “as is”.  I didn’t want to leave it “as is” because, frankly, it was worn pretty badly.  Rather, I wanted to make something useful out of this old treasure.  Since I needed a place to keep my craft, school and art supplies anyway, I decided to make it into a storage unit and it turned out to be a great vintage tool box makeover.

I wanted to set the tool box on top of my new table desk, so, to help achieve a unified look, I used the same paint combination.  My only expense was to buy four metal drawer pulls for 97 cents each at Home Depot.

After washing the tool box and sanding it, I just needed to paint it.  I found some termite damage so I used a spray foam termite treatment at the site I thought termites might still be lurking.

Here’s what the old tool box looked like before I started working on it.

Vintage Tool Box Makeover (3)

You can see it needed some TLC!  Now it sits on the new “door table” in the sunroom and every time I use it I will remember my great Uncle Mac!

Vintage Tool Box Makeover

Here it is closed.

Vintage Tool Box Makeover (1)


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