Carnival or Circus Themed Party


Carnival or Circus Themed Party

My family and I went to the Strawberry Festival this year over Memorial Day weekend and I took these pictures to inspire one of my best friends because I knew she was planning a carnival/circus theme for her daughter’s first birthday. She usually throws elaborate parties and I know hers will be amazing. I took pictures of anything that inspired me including the colorful lighted signs, the giant inflatable prizes, and the abundant walls of furry creatures. With a little imagination, you can definitely turn these ideas into cool DIY projects and have a fabulous party.

I imagine making fake jumbo crayons, hammers, and lollipops with cardboard and painting them.

You can always use stuffed animals that your kids already have to create this look to add to the decorations.

After a little research, I found that one of my favorite blogs, Hostess With The Mostess, had highlighted several parties with a Circus or Carnival inspired theme.  Here are some of them (Jen, I hope this gets your already creative juices flowing). The common elements are bright colors, animals, stripes, and lots of sweet treats!

Macy’s Carnival Parade

Carnival Caper Birthday

Modern Circus Soiree

Cirque du Bebe Baby Shower


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  1. Thanks Dinah…great pictures, I picked out a few of those same pictures. My creative juices are flowing and I love the drapery around the cake and the candy. So much to do. Thanks again for the great ideas.

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