Tea Party Inspiration

Whimsical Tea Party Inspiration Including Party Decorations and Easy DIY Ideas

Whether you are excited about a new baby or special time with your mom on Mother’s Day, tea parties are a fun and elegant way to celebrate. Here are some whimsical tea party inspiration ideas for you to consider.

Layer Paper Plates

On a budget? Layer pretty floral printed and/or pastel colored paper plates like the ones pictured below for this incredible Fancy Nancy Party.

Other Budget Ideas:

  • Use tea party paper cups.
  • Make paper centerpieces.
  • Use decorative floral scrapbook paper as a placemat.

Paper Plates for a Tea Party

Go thrift store shopping

Thrift stores and yard sales are full of tea party treasures waiting to be found. You can upcycle tea pots by spray painting them, or layer and stack tea cups and saucers for table centerpieces. Another centerpiece or party favor idea is to turn tea cups into candles.

Other Thrifty Ideas:

  • Look for teacups and saucers in different sizes, they don’t need to match.
  • If you don’t like the color, spray paint it, however keep in mind that you will not be able to use them for food and drink.
  • Look for old books and trays at thrift stores to add to your centerpieces.

Tea Party Ideas

DIY Scented Teacup Candle

Get Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Do you love the movie Alice In Wonderland? Make Mad Hatter Hats, Mad Hatter Chairs, and even make a Mad Hatter themed gift basket.

Other Alice in Wonderland Ideas:

Wood Cut Out Mad Hatter Hat

Wood Cut Out Mad Hatter Chair

Mad Hatter Gift Basket

Use What You Already Have

To complete the Alice in Wonderland look, stack old books, fill flowers in teapots, and use silver trays in your centerpieces. Check out this Tea Party by the Sea for lots of inspiration.

Other Reuse Ideas:

  • Borrow books and tea cups from friends and neighbors.
  • Cut flowers from your garden.
  • Take paper covers off of books and stack.
  • Add a tea spoon to your centerpiece. It’s all about the details!

Make Tea Party Favors

Have a candy station for your guests to make and take their own party favors, or make flower crowns for your guests to wear and take home.

Other Party Favor Ideas:

  • Use Tea Cups and fill the with candy or nuts and place them on tables with a teaspoon for easy self serve.
  • Make flower crowns as part of a party activity for guests to make, wear, and take home.

DIY Your Decorations

Make a fabric bunting out of ribbon or make your own paper flowers.

More Decorating Ideas:

  • Resize and print mini photos of the guest of honor and clothespin them to the fabric bunting.
  • Place paper flowers in Mason Jars and vases as a centerpiece.
  • Have a paper flower craft as a party activity.

Wrap Your Gift in a Tea Party Theme

Use a cutting machine to cut out paper teapots or tea cups to make tea party invitations or tea party themed gift wrapping.

Other Gift Wrapping Ideas:

  • Layer lace and ribbon together.
  • Wrap in flower print paper.
  • Use a combination of bright colors or pastel hues.




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  1. Just a thought…since your little one is just turning 2, wouldn’t it be fun to play on the popular phrase “Tea for Two” and have her party theme: “Tea at 2”? Can’t wait to see how her tea party will turn out!

    1. OK, so I was going to switch the theme to a garden party, but now that you said that I’m changing my mind!! What a GREAT idea, Lissa!!!

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