10 Creative Ways to Recycle Newspaper

10 Ways to Recycle Newspaper with Crafts

So I just figured out you can go to a party with a recycled newspaper basket present wrapped in newspaper, inside a newspaper gift bag wearing a newspaper dress, newspaper coat, and newspaper bracelet carrying your newspaper purse. Oh yeah, and the party is decorated with newspaper origami and a newspaper Happy Birthday banner and you can sit (un)comfortably on your newspaper bench. Just kidding. But I HAVE seen all those photos around the web. Google them. 

Paper Mache Newspaper Bowls

Don’t throw away that old newspaper! When it comes to creativity like this, recycling is a must! You can start simple by making a banner or wrapping a gift, but those who are more adventurous? I say, try the making the newspaper coat or newspaper bench! Again, I’ve see these around the web. I swear!

Valentines Craft Ideas

Here are 10 creative crafts from newspaper

  1. Make a paper Mache bowl and paint it.
  2. Upcycle tile to make coasters. Use the comics section for a colorful creation.
  3. Make a newspaper bowl. These are pretty sturdy! Use them to toss your keys in at your front entry. Leave them as is or paint them.
  4. Decorate a frame. This makes a fun gift idea for the kids to make for mom or dad.
  5. Make 3D wall art by using newspaper as the canvas.
  6. Make a recycled newspaper wreath… a statement piece for sure.
  7. Recycle it to make paper butterflies for a pretty grapevine wreath.
  8. Create bows out of newspaper and use them for eco-friendly gift wrapping.
  9. Make little recycled paper flowers, a fun and simple origami craft for beginners.
  10. Make flower magnets with the kids. If you have craft punches, these make a great 15 minute kids craft.

DIY Book Page Butterfly Wreath

Here’s a bonus. I bet using newspaper to make these tassels would turn out really cool!

What do you think? Do you have any other ideas?



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