10 Creative Ways to Recycle Newspaper

10 Ways to Recycle Newspaper with Crafts

So we figured out you can go to a party with a recycled newspaper basket present wrapped in newspaper, inside a newspaper gift bag wearing a newspaper dress, newspaper coat, and newspaper bracelet carrying your newspaper purse. Oh yeah, and the party is decorated with newspaper origami and a newspaper Happy Birthday banner and you can sit (un)comfortably on your newspaper bench. Just kidding. But we HAVE seen all those photos around the web. Google them. In the spirit of all things newspaper, here are 10 ways to recycle newspaper with crafts.

Paper Mache Newspaper Bowls

Don’t throw away that old newspaper! When it comes to creativity like this, recycling is a must. You can start simple by making a banner or wrapping a gift,. Don’t like the look of newspaper? You can paint it. Here is an example of the above newspaper bowls painted after. We used a Sharpie marker to free hand a design. Pretty cool, huh? You can get the full tutorial here

Paper Mache Bowls

You can also add a pop of color on black and white newspaper as shown below in this fun Valentine 3D heart wall art.

Valentines Craft Ideas

Here are 10 creative crafts from newspaper

  1. Make a paper Mache bowl and paint it.
  2. Upcycle tile to make coasters. Use the comics section for a colorful creation.
  3. Make a newspaper bowl. These are pretty sturdy! Use them to toss your keys in at your front entry. Leave them as is or paint them.
  4. Decorate a frame. This makes a fun gift idea for the kids to make for mom or dad.
  5. Make 3D wall art by using newspaper as the canvas.
  6. Make a recycled newspaper wreath… a statement piece for sure.
  7. Recycle it to make paper butterflies for a pretty grapevine wreath (shown below).
  8. Create bows out of newspaper and use them for eco-friendly gift wrapping.
  9. Make little recycled paper flowers, a fun and simple origami craft for beginners.
  10. Make flower magnets with the kids. If you have craft punches, these make a great 15 minute kids craft.

DIY Book Page Butterfly Wreath

Here’s a bonus. I bet using newspaper to make these tassels would turn out really cool!

What do you think? Do you have any other ideas?

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