Fun Party Games for Adults

Fun Party Games for Adults including Rules, Games, and Materials 

We have hosted Couple’s Olympics parties many times. They are filled with kid’s games and crafts, good food, great company, and fun party games for adults. The adult games were inspired from the TV show, Minute to Win It.  I wanted to share the rules and games (and of course photos) with you because we have a blast!! I had each family dress up in a team color (kids too) and provided spirit wear like wigs, whistles, and pompoms. Here we go!


  1. Each team member must participate in at least three of the six events.
  2. Single player events will be round robin style. The order of the teams are picked at random out of a hat. The contestant who completes the task first wins the round.
  3. Team events will be timed by a player from a different team.
  4. The winning team of each event will receive 4 pts., second place 3 pts., third place 2 pt., fourth place 1 pt., and 5th place will receive zero points. Points are totaled in the end. Note: This example is for a party with five teams.
  5. In the event of a tie for total points across all events, a play-off event are pulled from a hat.


Movin’ On Up (Single Player Event)

Party Games for Adults - Movin On Up


  • 28 plastic cups
  • 2 plastic cups with a colored trim (I used washi tape)

Instructions: First, players begin with a stack of 15 cups with a gold trimmed cup at the base. After that, the player must inch the gold trimmed cup upwards by moving cups from the top to the bottom using alternating hands. This repeats until the gold trimmed cup is back at the bottom.

Separation Anxiety (Single Player Event)

Party Games for Adults


  • Packs of M&M’s (number of packs will vary depending on the number of teams)
  • 12 clear containers (6 per team)

Instructions: Using one hand, the player must distribute the candies by color into six cups (red, orange, yellow, green, brown, and blue). Each player will be given one pack of M&M candies. The player must unwrap the candies, dump them onto the table, and sort by color.

This Blows (Single Player Event)

Party Games for Adults - This Blows


  • Balloons
  • 30 plastic cups
  • 2 tables

Instructions: The players must blow up a balloon and use the escaping air to knock down plastic cups. In addition, this must be repeated until 15 cups have been blown completely off the table.

Ready Spaghetti (Team Event)

Party Games for Adults - Ready Spaghetti


  • Uncooked spaghetti noodles
  • 6 empty soda cans
  • 2 tables

Instructions: The players must pass a stick of pasta through the tabs of soda cans in order to transfer them from one end of the table to the other and build a three can pyramid.

Stack Attack (Single Player Event)


  • 72 Cups
  • Table

Instructions: First, the players will use 36 cups to erect a pyramid shaped structure. Secondly, once built, the player must deconstruct the pyramid by sliding the cups down diagonally and creating a single stack.

Nutstacker (Team Event)

Party Games for Adults - Nutstacker


  • 20 large nuts
  • 4 wooden dowels or chopsticks
  • Table

Instructions: The players must slide 10 metal nuts (5 each) one by one down a dowel to form a free standing tower. If the tower falls, start over.

Here are a few pictures of the festivities!

Party Games for Adults - Couples Games

Photo by Carlos Delgado
Photo by Carlos Delgado
Photo by Carlos Delgado
Photo by Carlos Delgado

Movin On Up Game

Minute to Win It Movin On Up

This Blows - Party Game

Ready Spaghetti - Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It Ready Spaghetti

Minute to Win It Nutstacker

Olympic Party Games for Adults

Fun Party Games for Adults - DIY Inspired


Updated and improved from 08/2016.

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