Clever Binder Clip Hacks

32 Clever Binder Clip Hacks

Yesterday I was looking for a binder clip.  I swear the box I had was full, but when I checked there were only three left!  I thought about it for a second and realized that I used binder clips in so many different ways. So, I thought I’d share some clever binder clip hacks.

Watch some of these ideas in this video!

There are so many innovative uses for binder clips. Here is a list of over two dozen ideas. These are in no particular order.

DIY Life Hacks: Clever Uses for Binder Clips

  • Use binder clips as a chip clip to avoid stale potato chips.
  • Clip the end of a rolled toothpaste tube to keep the toothpaste at the towards the tip.
  • Clip them to small baskets and hang them onto wall hooks for craft or office organization.
  • Hang them on a wall with a thumbtack to display art or books.
  • Use them to keep gift wrapping paper from unrolling.
  • Organize cords in the back of a media unit.
  • Make clipboards for dolls.
  • Use them to keep ribbon from unwinding.
  • Turn them into clip magnets for your refrigerator.
  • Stand them upright to display pictures on your desk.
  • Use them to organize bills.
  • Clip a To Do list onto one so that you can easily read it.
  • Substitute clothespins.
  • Use it as a bookmark.
  • Clip recipe cards to it and stand it upright while trying out a new menu for dinner.
  • Cover a razor blade with it to safely store in your overnight bag while traveling.
  • Decorate them with washi tape and clip them to the stems of wine glasses to use a wine charms.
  • Use them to keep your earbuds organized.
  • Use a gold binder clip as a money clip or credit card holder.
  • Stand them upright, decorate with washi tape, and use them as name card place holders.
  • Clip it to a wet sponge and stand it upright to allow it to dry.
  • Hang boots in your closet.

Need more? I still have some…

  • Use them to hold your pen or pencil onto a textbook or notepad.
  • Keep your tablecloth down during a windy outdoor picnic.
  • Use them to clip garbage bags down at an outdoor party or picnic.
  • Clip it to a desk to hang and keep different cords organized.
  • Simply Clip them to a wire rack in the refrigerator to stop bottles from rolling.
  • Clip them to a wire rack in a pantry to keep cans from rolling.
  • Binder clips make great key rings.
  • Use them on a wire rack in the freezer to hang frozen bags to allow for extra storage.
  • Use one as a keychain/money clip.
  • As a blogger who takes photos all the time, I use them to help hold things up during the staging process.

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This post was originally published on April 27 2017 and has since then been updated and approved.

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