DIY Doll Cell Phones and Laptops


DIY Doll Cell Phones and Laptops with FREE Printable

I have been this doll accessory making kick for the last couple months that I had to start a new doll crafts category on this blog! Thanks to my 9-year-old, I made these DIY Doll Cell Phones and Laptops and have a free printable to share with you all.

Now I know it’s back to school time, so in case you missed it here are some back to school doll craft tutorials:

The four-part series above started all this DIY doll craft madness and I’m addicted! Now, here is how to make your own doll cell phones and laptops.

Get the FREE Printable

You can download the printable for free here: DIY Doll Cell Phones and Laptops

Each sheet will have:

  • Pink Laptop
  • Blue Laptop
  • Purple and Blue Ombre Cell Phone
  • Pink Ombre Cell Phone

These are truly DIY inspired! I made little DIY icons on the phones and laptops.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Here’s a video to help you through this doll craft. Below you will find the detailed instructions as well as the free download.

Making the Doll Cell Phones and Laptops

Time: 30 Minutes


  • Free Printable
  • Card Stock or Copy Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick


  1. Print out the printable on card stock. Regular printer paper will work, however a sturdy heavy weight paper like card stock is suggested. If you use regular printer paper, choose a thicker piece of cardboard (ex: shipping box).
  2. Cut out each piece.
  3. Cut out a piece of cardboard to fit inside. Recycled food boxes (ex: cracker or cereal box) work great. For each laptop, you will need two pieces.
  4. Glue the cardboard to the inside of each piece. For the laptops, leave a small space at the crease. This will allow it to fold and align better than without the crease.
  5. Fold and trim as needed.

Here are the two colors.

DIY Blue Doll Laptop Printable

DIY Pink Doll Laptop Printable

These aren’t to exact scale; however, they are best for 18-inch dolls like American Girl dolls, Our Generation dolls, and My Life dolls. If you are like my BFF’s daughter, you can use them for your Baby Alive dolls too!

Let Me Know What You Think

I started making these doll accessories for a friend and now that I have been posting them, I am getting a lot of emails requesting more. If you have an idea or need to know how to make something for your doll, leave me a comment. I love a challenge! I will do my best to make a how-to video as well.

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